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Integration consultants needed in Europe

Sesame Software is expanding operations in Europe to provide integration assistance to several new customers of our integration product suite, Relational Junction. We are hiring IT professionals who will be stationed in Europe, are able to travel to meetings, and can perform database-level programming tasks as well as develop specifications for integration of ERP systems with Salesforce.com. Proficiency in both English and French would be ideal, as our first engagements are in London and Paris. Customer-facing skills are also very important.

Relational Junction is a suite of products that provide 2-way replication between Salesesforce.com and a data warehouse. The schema is automatically created using the Salesforce API metadata as a guide. We support Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, and Syabase platforms on both Unix and Windows. This architecture of the products eliminates the need for AppForce API programming skills, since the replication product handles this automatically. Our ETL product is used to synchronized ERP systems with the warehouse via SQL select, insert, and update statements. Our products take only hours to learn. Therefore, the minimum skill set is strong knowledge of SQL and previous experience in writing database stored procedures or triggers on any DBMS platform. For more details on the products, visit http://www.sesamesoftware.com/salesforceintegration

For consideration, please email a resume to Rick Banister (rick.banister@sesamesoftware.com) with a reference in the subject line to this position. Do NOT post a reply here. Only qualified candidates who submit a resume will be considered.