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Apex test failures not included in "Install failed" emails anymore after Spring 09 ?

I tried to install our managed package uploaded and tested before Spring 09 and it now fails.


The email we received looks like this:


Organization: XXXXXXX (00D80000000L5qd)

User: XXXXXXX (00580000001YpA3)

Package: XXXXX (033800000009SaF)

Error Number: 1707512214-249 (-2087241728)


When we check the "Ignore Apex test failures..." checkbox it installed successfully, so it must have something to do with a test method.


In the past there was a detailed description about what test method failed. Why was this removed ? How can we get any information what is going on.


The "Run All Tests" button in the browser before uploading the package does not always show these failures.


At least the "Apex Exception Notification Recipient" of the package should receive a detailed error message.




Message Edited by Forcecode on 02-10-2009 09:15 AM

Hi Forcecode,

in this particular case, the install failed due to an internal error (1707512214-249), not an apex test failure.Apex test failures wouldn't have the error number field set.



 Thanks for the info.