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Greg HGreg H 

Do Managed Packages Count Against Org Limits?

I have been looking through documentation but haven't found an answer yet. If an org is maxed out on custom objects and they would like to install a package, which includes two objects, would the installation error out or would the installation be permitted?



Hi Greg,


It depends on the specific package.  Some count against the limits while others don't.  The ones that don't are typically entirely native applications (100% on  The partner offering the package should know whether their package counts against the limits.  




Hi Andrew -


I wanted to revisit this issue of 100% native managed packages and tab limits.


We just ran into a scenario where attempting to install our 100% native managed package on an EE org near its tab limits was disallowed because it caused the tab limits to be exceeded.  To be precise, since the app is on LMA, attempting to move the license from trial to active status in LMA was when the failure ocurred.  The error message on the LMO when we tried to modify the license was:


"Customer org will exceed the limit for Custom Tabs if status is changed from Trial. Please contact the Customer: Status"


The org has several other apps installed on it, both native and non-native, and I am a bit uncertain about the total tab count against the maximum, but the bottom line is that installing a new 100% native managed package should not have affected the number of tabs counting against the tab limit and caused us to exceed it, if I understand right.


The app being installed now and causing the error is listed on Appexchange and has undergone the review.  It has 4 tabs.  Is there perhaps some official 100% native designation for the app that we should have obtained, other than the fact that it is 100% native and has gone through Appexchange review?


So currently we have the app installed as an LMA-controlled trial on the target org.  We then attempted to install another (100% native package that is dependent on the original package but is not on LMA.  This dependent package has 2 tabs, and again we ran into the tab limits, this time immediately on installation since LMA was not involved.  We were able to install the dependent package after removing one unpackaged custom tab from elsewhere in the org, but are still unable to move the original underlying package from Trial to Active in LMA without hitting the tab limits.


Any ideas appreciated!



Titash Bardhan





do you have heard anything about this ? The number of tabs in our app is also growing and growing and I am a bit concerned that we ran into the same issue. If you have a solution, please post it here.


Thanks a lot.




I am the Product Manager of LMA and let me try and explain what's going on.


A small subset of 100% native apps have been certified so that the apps, tabs, and objects present in them don't count against org limits. Please contact your Partner Contact or log a Partner Support case to take this forward.


So, unless your app has been marked as NOT counting against limits, the apps, tabs, and objects present in your managed package count against the org limits and package install is blocked if you exceed the limits.


When we built LMA and Package Licensing, we wanted you (partners) to offer your app on "Trial" for even customers who will otherwise exceed their limits by installing your package. So we implemented the functionality such that if the status of the license of a managed package is "Trial", apps tabs and objects present in the managed package does not count against limits. This is the reason why you may hit the limit when you change the status in LMA from trial to active.


Email me at if you have any more questions.