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Installation Fails

I am trying to install a managed package which i created in another instance.
Previously it was installed successfully. Now i have done some changes on that instance and uploaded it again. When am trying to install the newer version the installation fails.
Below is the error which am getting..

Your requested install failed. Please try this again.

None of the data or setup information in your Salesforce organization should have been affected by this error.

If this error persists, contact Salesforce Support through your normal channels and reference number: 1773332293-94 (-599792466)


I have registered a case. My case number is 02506602.

Kindly help me out from this error.

John A.


I am also getting this error on some installations of a Managed Package.  On some accounts the package installs fine without any problems and other times we get this very vague error.


Is this an installation/packaging bug?


Hi ,


Yes. Also when am updating a package with my older version it is working fine.

But when i try to do fresh install it fails.



John A.