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Upgrade Fail, No column 'Id' for custom object during testmethod

Anyone ever seen this one? We have a UE customer install a managed package..no problem. Then he installs a very minor upgrade (nothing new, just a 10 line bug fix in existing code).


He goes to do the upgrade and it bombs out with an error from the testmethod saying No such column 'Id' on entity My_Custom_Object__c. But we all know that every object has an Id.


In between the initial install and upgrade, we modified their license from Trial to Active since they purchased 25 seats. But I don't know if their org admin gave himself a license to use it. If the org admin does not have a license to the package, can they still do the upgrade? We're waiting to hear back him now if it works after giving himself a license to use.





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I have seen this error when my customers did not deploy the package and someone (not the admin) tries to access a custom object. Is the first package already deployed ? Don't know if it has something to do with it but you can try.