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Package installation error

A customer tries to install our package but it always failed. I tried two different orgs and cannot reproduce this error.


Can someone please check this and let me know if I can do something or is this a bug ?


Organization: XXXXXXXXX (00D20000000Jeo2)

User: XXXXXXXX (0052000000128Yi)

Package: XXXXXXXX (033800000009SaF) Error Number: 475960097-2940 (717204042)




Our customer upgraded his SFDC trail org to Enterprise Edition with SFDC support and then it installed.


The package is managed, certified, has no other dependencies and installed in our PE Test Edition.


Why does it not install in the customer org when it was PE ?


I'm surprised it installed in your PE test org, but not the customer's PE org. Please log a case with support about this. You can do that at the Partner Portal.





I still have this problem that my customers cannot install into PE but it works in our Test PE.


I logged a case, but got no response yet.


Can someone look into this, please.


Case number: 02670686