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HELP: Error with package & custom labels in 'Spanish' customer org

Our managed package includes custom labels in the default language 'English' and the translation workbench is activated in the dev org.

No translations were added to the package yet , so I assume 'English' should be used in any case.


We have a customer with the language 'Spanish' who installed the

new version of the package (with 'Custom Labels') and is now unable to access any of our

VF pages in his org. All he get is:


"An internal server error occured

Error ID: 2030767935-4266 (-1059707014)"



When he tries to access the 'Custom Labels' node in the admin tree, he gets 'Insufficient privileges even as an administrator.

And if I have seen this right, he is not able to switch to 'English' in his personal language settings.


Is there no other language supported in this org ? I am totally lost here and cannot reproduce it.




Update: Logged a Case 02779112



Message Edited by Forcecode on 07-07-2009 02:28 PM

I learned that our customer has a single language version ('Spanish' only) of Salesforce EE. I did not know that such a version even exists.


Now that we switched to Custom Labels, it seems that our Visualforce pages are not allowed to access the Custom Labels shipped with our app.


The app is certified and I think should be able to access the Custom Labels.


Is there some guidance how to solve this ? Should I add 'Spanish' as a translated language to the package ?