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Discussion force application System query exception.

 am trying to install DiscussionForce application from Force.com Labs


to an sandbox environment am geting System.Queryexception : Inline query has too many rows for direct assignment, use FOR loop.Based in this error message i am suspecting an for loop failing please look in this issue.I am not sure about where i want post my error messages in appexchange.

***Begining Page Log (
discussionforce): SOQL query with 1001 rows finished in 145 ms
Cumulative profiling information:

1 most expensive SOQL operations:
(discussionforce): [ SELECT id, Name, FirstName, LastName, alias, Username FROM User ]: executed 1 time in 0 ms

No profiling information for SOSL operations.

No profiling information for DML operations.

No profiling information for method invocations.

***Ending Page Log for /apex/discussionforce__CreateNewDiscussionForum



Hi gv007


thanks for posting this error. For feel free to post this and any other bug / suggestion / feedback in our google code site.





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The ProjectForce, WikiForce and DiscussionForce Team.




Gopi Ravoori.