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Installed Package not available to create dependency for Extension

I am trying to create an extension for a existing Managed-Released Package. I've installed the package in a Developer instance, and I created a new managed package. As I understand the docs, I should be able to select a component from the installed package, and that will make my new package an extension and dependant on the existing installed package


But when I try to select Components from the existing package for the new Package, none of the installed package are available to choose from, so I am thinking I just have missed step somewhere, but can't work out where...?


You don't necessarily add a component from the installed managed package, instead you add a component that references the installed managed package. For instance, let's say you create a custom field on one of the objects in the installed managed package, as soon as you add that custom field, the extension is automatically enabled.


Hope that helps,


That worked - thanks!