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Install Failed with Error Number



Yesterday I was ready to update my package, but i couldn't because of the server where my package org is was down. Today i was able to update my package, but now i'm getting installation failed errors. I don't know if this is related to the server problems, but looks like a salesforce internal problem because i'm only receiving an error id, and not log about the test method failed or something else.
I'm only receiving mails likes this:

Organization: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
User: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Package: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Error Number: 974505854-276240 (92173634)




Thanks in advance,


Are you still receiving this error?  If so, log a case through the partner portal with the details.  It appears to be an issue with salesforce.

Yes, i'm still having the issue. I opened a case when this happens, but i'm still don't have a solution.







If you have not gotten any response from SFDC support, here are a couple of thinges we have had to do to resolve  mysterious install errors.


1. Try "touching" every file with Apex code in it, recompile each file, then re-upload your package.


2. If you use RunAs in any of your tests, see if commenting them out makes the problem go away.  We have had several cases with support regarding unexplainable install errorsin which the resolution from SFDC is "comment out use of RunAs" until the bug is fixed.  Can makegetting code coverage really hard but there only other alternative was tell you customers to use the ingore errors checkbox when they install (like customers ever what to hear that).


These are just wild guesses based on our past experience but if your not hearing back from support it gives you something to try.