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Batch Apex in Managed Package

We have a Batch Apex job class defined in our certified managed package.


It works in our dev org (no namespace), but when we deploy the code to the dev org WITH namespace or

install the package in a customer org, it does not. We have "Apex Notification Recipient" set and get all other error emails, but not this one.


Is there anything that must be set before we can execute a batch job in our package? User permissions, package permission or enable this in the org ?




If someone wants to follow, the case number is 03236077


Don't know if I am the only one who do not get it to work in a managed package.

Please post info on what comes of your case.  I have this issue too.  In my Dev Org I have created a package and all the package components have a namespace on them now.  In all my code from within the package, I am able to exclude the namespace.  However, when I run a batch job (launching it using System Log), I get an error that it cannot find a column when I query.  It can find it if I use the namespace, but not without it.  In all other circumstances, it doesn't require it.

It is confirmed as a bug. Have not heard from them yet, when it will be fixed.


I will post it here when I got an answer.



We just ran into the same problem.  We get the following error: "common.exception.ApiQueryException: No such column ..."


For us this only occurs when we install the managed package (with namespace) in an Enterprise Edition environment.  It works fine when we run the same install in a Developer Edition.  We are logged in as system administrator in both environments.  Not sure what the difference is here.

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FYI: Got an email from salesforce support saying that the R&D team has fixed this issue but the release date has not been finalized.

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Has this problem been resolved?