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Spring 10 delay means we can't deploy to client!

All out DEs and our PE have been upgraded to Spring '10 but our client is still on Winter '10. We need to release a new package version to them but the deployment fails saying that a Spring '10 package can't be deployed to a Winter '10 org. Seems reasonable but this means that we can't release new features they require and the latest announcement says that it might be March until we can. This will cause them significant issues.


What are our options?


Can we get our DEs and PE rolled back to Winter '10 (or is there a plan to roll everyone back to Winter '10 if there is an issue with Spring)? Can we have this block overridden as we're not using any Spring '10-specific features yet?


We have the same in reverse.  Dev org Winter 10 and customer org Spring 10.  No update for a week is risky (especially if bugs caused by Spring 10) but no update for a month is a very major problem. 


Clearly there is something very wrong with this release or SFDC wouldn't do this. We noticed timed workflow being knocked out.  Is there anything else?  That takes a month to fix?


Look forward to more news from Salesforce .........

Just checked.  We can do Winter 10 packages to Spring 10.  Just not the other way around.

We have the same issue - SFDC really messed up with this one!  Have been in contact with support all day trying to find a work around.  So far no luck.  Support guys have been great but if there is a workaround I don't think it has ever been documented or tried in the real world so we just wait.


We have customers with custom work in their sandbox that have the same issue.


Don't understand why they don't move forward with the upgrade.  Perfromance may be suffering on the servers that have been upgraded but bringing the remaining servers up to the current version won't impact those users.  SFDC thinks they may be saving the customers who were "lucky" enough not to be upgraded but they could in fact be screwing them by cutting off access to fixes to custom and 3rd party code.


Do you know if this issue applies to managed packages? I'm tying to install a managed package to an NA6 organization that didn't get upgraded. It's failing with the "Data Not Available" message. I'm hoping it's not a related issue and is just unusually slow propagation. 



It does in fact affect managed packages. If you managed package contains any v18 components it cannot be installed on NA0, NA2, NA3, NA4, or NA5 as of right now.


It also means if your LMO is on a winter10 instance you can't link new package versions to your LMO, which generally means they can't be given out as trials. The workaround is to contact support, and the LMA developers have a way to manually do it, but it took a few days to figure that out.


I've gotten bit with both of these, and it's no fun.


Would this effect trying to install a apex trigger to my production instance?


When I try to install to an uploaded package to my production org, I get the error


"Package Compatibility Error


The requested package requires the latest release of"




The inability to deploy from Winter 10 to Spring 10 exists even if you don't change the API version on any of your classes.  We tried making a change as simple as adding a comment with no class version changes and were not able to deploy (it was a managed package).


Have not tried a change to an unmanaged trigger in a sandbox but I suspect it is the same.


If you have a serious bug in a managed package and need to get a patch "across the version divide" the new Patch Org facility added in Spring 10 may hold some hope.  We have not used this new mechanism and do not currently have a critical patch that must get out so we have not gone down that patch but if you were in that unfortunate situation it would at worth at least investigating.



Hi All,


I know the Spring ’10 release delay has greatly impacted your business over the last week and I greatly apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.  I assure you we don’t take delaying a release lightly. 


In response to the delay, we developed a solution that allows you to patch customers still on the Winter ’10 release using our new Patch Releases for Managed Packages pilot feature.  In a patch, you are only allowed to make changes to existing components.  No new components are permitted.  Packages that depend on another package (a.k.a. extensions) are not supported at this time. 


To access this new capability, you must log a case through the partner portal and request access.  Please provide your package development organization’s ID or username to expedite the process.  


We hope this feature will allow you to resolve any critical bugs with your current product and provide continued support to your customers until they are upgraded to Spring ’10 in two weeks.  For a list of instances still on Winter ’10, please visit the following and review the Spring ’10 release section:


Thank you for time, patience, and continued partnership.  



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Is it true that the Patch Org mechanism does not yet support Extension managed packages?


Yes, this is true.  Extensions will be supported when the product is made generally available.  




Please clarify - "when the product is made generally available".


Do you mean once Spring 10 is fully rolled out or when Patch Org is generally available (meaning is is available only on a per request basis in Spring 10).






Patch releases will not be generally available in the Spring '10 release.  They will be made generally available in a future release (Summer '10 or later).  We will be supporting extensions at that time.




We also have issues to install packages to our customers, and to finish our AppExchange Package.


So if we didn't create something new in our ManagedPackage, it should work after we created a case to get the possiblity to create a package which is working on Winter'10? Will this managed-org be downgraded to Winter'10?? 


Yes, you'll be able to create a package on Winter '10 assuming it does not contain any new components.  Your org will not be downgraded.  Instead, you'll be able to create a special developement organization called a patch development org from which you will upload your Winter '10 compatible package.  You'll receive instructions on how to do this after requesting the feature.