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WikiForce Installation on 'wf' namespace

I have installed Wikiforce is both prod and sandbox.  It seems to work but when try to add an image to a wikipage the browse button returns a message "Page WikiPageImages does not exist". The URL of the returned page indicates a 'c' namespace rather than a 'wf' namespace.  When I view the installed package everything seems to show a 'wf' namespace.  How can I correct the calls to both WikiPageImages and WikiPageLinks to use the wf namespace? Are they hardcoded to the 'c' namespace for some reason?


Had they hard-coded they would have used wf- may be they are picking this dynamically from some object or resource file.

Please check the setup if there is any object which stores such information else you can check any user guide which they might be providing for reference wherein you might get a clue where to make changes to make your page work.

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