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Patrick BulaczPatrick Bulacz 

URGENT HELP NEEDED. Managed Package Issue - Please Read

Hi All,


I work with an ISV Partner who has a developer org where a managed package is updated / upgraded / tested and then uploaded "privately' to the exchange for a set of clients to install.


The orgs that install my package have the standard EE limits applied to them.


Herein lies the issue I have come across, whilst doing some development a new TAB was inadvertently added to the managed package and subsequently uploaded as a 'managed - released' package. It took the custom TABS within the managed package to 26.


This as you can see has caused HUGE implications across the current install base and for new clients. The package is constantly being updated / customised to suit clients needs and updates are continously being pushed however now that it has 26 TABS it will not install on any of the orgs as it reaches the 25 custom tab limit.




As I see it there are a range of possibilities and I look to any sf reps / partner ops / product managers subject matter experts out there to let me know what is feasible.


IDEAL SOLUTION - Since the tab that has been added is not installed on any clients org (it physically cannot be because of the limit on the install orgs, developer org doesn't have a tab limit) - I'm looking for an overall package admin or someone that can reference or edit the package I have created and manually remove the tab from it altogether. It can be deleted from the salesforce developer instance altogether I don't care it's not needed at all! Support tells me it cannot be deleted but someone out there must have access to it!!

Is there a way to 'rollback' to a previous package version that only had 25tabs in it's managed set>? And then be able to delete the 25th tab somehow completely from the developer org?


Other options include:


Going through the LMA process and getting the application security checked so that it's contents do not affect sf org limits. This is obviously primary concern right now however the whole process could take up to 2-3 weeks which is time we don't have! This problem needed to be sorted out YESTERDAY!


Upgrading provisions on future clients and current installbase so that orgs can install apps with more than 25 tabs. (i.e. increase tab limit)


I really need to know if the ideal solution is feasible here as that would be well... Ideal. But I'm interested to see if anyone has any other suggestions.

TIME IS A FACTOR. There are new clients coming on board this week and next not to mention the current install base that is catered for in package updates so this really needs to get sorted out.


As always any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance for any reads of this post.



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Give it a try now.  I reverted all your versions to beta up to the last stable release.  You should be able to delete the tab now.

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Hi Patrick,


Please log a case if you haven't already and post the case number here.  If you haven't installed the latest version with the extra tab into any orgs, then we should be able to revert that version to beta for you which will allow you to remove the tab.  Just make sure the case includes your developement org ID and the tab that you are trying to remove.




Patrick BulaczPatrick Bulacz

Hi Andrew,


Thanks for your prompt reply.


The case number is Case 03492499.


Feel free to contact me directly on E: OR M: +61401 786 065 if you need.


EDIT: I've added a comment to the case with the ORG ID the link to the TAB name of the TAB and the name of and link to the last "Stable" package




Give it a try now.  I reverted all your versions to beta up to the last stable release.  You should be able to delete the tab now.

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Patrick BulaczPatrick Bulacz

Perfect thanks Andrew. You are a lifesaver!


For future knowledge, if the package had been installed in an org would this have been impossible to accomplish?


Once the app is installed in an org you cannot remove the tab from a managed package.  If the app is uninstalled from *all orgs, Salesforce can deprecate your package to beta so you can remove the tab manually.


Here's a good safety tip.  Be careful about creating temporary custom tabs in other apps such as  I did this occasionally to review data in my managed app but didn't remove it when I deployed a new version of it to the AppExchange.  I didn't realize it was there for a few builds afterwards since when I installed into dev orgs the was the one that got the custom object tab.


When installing into a clean production org (enterprise, unlimited) the custom object tab appeared in my custom app and couldn't be removed for the same reasons mentioned above.  Since clients were already using it I had two options:


1. Get them to stop using it long enough to remove this tab

2. Create a new org with a new namespace prefix and remove it manually


I'm currently working on option #2 :)


A_Smith..I did the same exact thing.  Can you please move my Package back to Beta.



Case: 03651866


Thank you!




We also need the same thing. Can you please change it to Beta? This is not installed in any Org.


Case number: 03883358





We have the same issue. Can we get pushed back to beta as well please? Case: 03946028


Is there a way to avoid this? Other than being diligent in checking for any new tabs sneaking into our packaging area?



Hi Andrew,

we have a related issue.  we have a managed package that has been installed in many orgs.  it's origin pre-dates visualforce, so we had a web tab that points to a page from our server and provides some admin functions for the composite app.  we have now built a VF page that performs the same functions.  unfortunately, we cannot change the tab type.  is this at all possible?  the workaround is to just use the web tab and change the url to a relative path to the VF page, but the ideal solution would be to change the tab type


Hi Adam,


Can you please roll back my Package to Beta. 


Case: 05217587




Hi Adam


Can you PLEASE roll back our package to beta?


Case: 07051208


Thank you!


Sorry, not sure who is responding to this post, Adam or Andrew, but help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!!

Adam PurkissAdam Purkiss

Hi jwtastor,


I don't work at Salesforce and therefore cannot rollback your package to beta. That's a job for them.


Good luck!





Thank you letting me know Adam.



Hello Andrew, i have a problem which is, i'm uploading a beta package, but when i try to install it on another Org, it gives me a Code Error so i cannot install it. The Error looks like :
Your requested install failed. Please try this again.

None of the data or setup information in your organization should have been affected by this error.

If this error persists, contact Support through your normal channels and reference number: xxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxx)

Any Help please,



You have to start another topic for this. This thread started a few years ago and your issue is different than the original.


Hello Andrew,



I also need the same thing. Can you please change it to Beta v1.50(stable release)?

This latest version is installed in one sandbox org (details in case).

Case number: 09877042


Thank you!