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Deployment Issue with Namespace

I have a developer instance in which I am building an application for eventual deployment on the AppExchange.  I have elected to use the namespace AQ.  Whenever I create a new trigger, Salesforce automatically sets up the trigger as (Interest__c being the name of the object):

trigger StudentInterestUpsert on StudentInterest__c (before insert, before update) {


trigger InterestUpsert on AQ__Interest__c (before insert, before update) {


I recently setup a developer instance of Salesforce which includes Chatter and I want to move my code to that new instance so my application can start interacting with Chatter.  


I am trying to use the Eclipse IDE to deploy the application, but on all of the triggers that were set up as noted above, I get the following message:  


 File Name:    triggers/InterestUpsert.trigger

Full Name:  InterestUpsert

Action:  NO ACTION

Result:  FAILED

Problem: Invalid SObject type name: AQ__Interest__c


If I delete he "AQ__" from the name, it verifies OK for deployment.


What do I do to fix this situation?  Is it OK to delete the namespace from the triggers?  How do I reestablish the namespace in the new Salesforce instance?  Will I be able to use AQ again?


I've noticed that my formulas reference the namespace as well as in "AQ__interest.field__c", but this doesn't seem to bother the deployment (maybe the formulas aren't being deployed).  Should I be concerned about this?


I  would appreciate any suggestions you might have to help me get this right,





You should be fine removing the namespaces.  Except in a very few circumstances namespaces aren't required as we handle the namespacing for you under the covers at runtime.


If you are using an name space in an developer account ,that account only can use name space Other wise you need to make a package deploy it in another account.


if you want deploy the code into an developer environment ,deleting the name space would be fine.


Develop the code yours new account and deploy it for AQ space account for packaging purpose.


in yours case deleting namespace won't change any logic.


I would recommended 1 account for development purpose,one account for packaging purpose.that solve yours issues.




So it sounds like you would recommend that we develop in an environment without a namespace.  Deploy that to a second environment which contains the namespace, and then package from that second environment.


Is that corrrect?


Thanks for your help and guidance on this issue.




That is correct.Only thing is in yours application ,if you have many s-controls and any java script  ,in that you are accessing any fields ,some time  the platform not adding dynamically namespace to custom objects and customfileds that thing we need to take care it manuvally.