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Automated ways to setup items cannot package / cannot upgrade

When you initially deploy a managed package to a new org, for the things that cannot be packaged does anybody have any tips on how to get them setup in the new org (other than manually doing them via the point & click UI in setup)?  ie for items such as:

-time based workflow

-sharing rules

-field history tracking

-page layout assignments


Similarly, for things in a package that are not upgradable, how to get any new changes applied to the new org other than manually doing them:

-page layouts



-email templates


One idea: use the metadata api to automate some of the remaining steps. Create an Apex Class that could be executed by the admin after install (maybe a button on your Getting Started page) to leverage the metadata api to setup some of the remaining components. The list of supported components is here.


Hope that helps,



I would like to know this also.  We are trying to achieve a true automated deployment using the ANT task direct from source control system.


To add to the list above, I would also like to know how to automatically deploy permission sets on Page Layouts?