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Himanshu SHimanshu S 

Multiple Packages & Module Licensing



I am creating a custom application which has different modules for an organization. 


1. I want to implement module wise licensing for this application. But LMA supports only package wise licensing. Is there any way so that I split my modules as different 'Applications' and then apply different licenses to them?


2. If there is no solution for above point, I might need to create different packages containing different modules. But this will not be simple to do as there are some overlapping functionalities between modules. Even if I do it, I'll have separate packages but as per my knowledge, from one Salesforce edition can create only one Managed package. It'll be very difficult to handle different SFDC accounts to provides upgrades.


Please help me find the solution to this problem.






Have you reviewed Extension Packages? Your base managed package can have the share code while each extension managed package acts as a modularized feature. All can be managed by the LMA.


Hope that helps,