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Custom Settings are not available after installing the package



We have some custom settings defined in our development org.

We create managed package from this org in which custom settings are included


But the problem is , when we install this package to some other 

org these custom settings are not getting installed.


Means from our new org in which we have installed the package, we can not see

custom settings from Setup -->Develop-->Custom settings.


Any help on this please....!!!!!!

Thanks in anticipation



Any luck ?


Is your custom setting in the managed package you created protected or public?


I've performed a significant amount of testing with custom settings in a managed package and there is some peculiar behavior when using protected custom settings in a managed package.  They more or less don't work, anything that's installed with your managed package (unless it's Apex code) appears to have the namespace part of the reference to the custom setting stripped off and becomes unable to reference the setting.  


Note, this doesn't mean your protected custom setting is wholly unusable, you can reference it in the org you installed the managed package into, you just can't reference it from anything that was installed with your managed package (unless it's Apex).  


If you change the custom setting to public it will work just fine.


I hope that helps.


The issue you are referring to (referring to custom settings in other areas like formulas with a namespace) will be resolved for managed packages in the Spring release.  Try it again then.  


Hello A_Smith,


With a public custom setting in a managed package, will the Spring release allow the installer of a manged package with public custom settings change the default values of those custom settings? Currently they are locked and the installer of the package can see those custom settings, but cannot add to or modify them. 


Going into development using custom settings, i kinda understood the purpose of them was to empower the installer of the package to be able to change some settings for the package. Otherwise i might as well just hard code everything. Am i missing something?




If you want the installer to see/edit the settings, then you must either:


  • Build a visualforce page to view/set a public setting
  • Use a global setting.  These are accessible by the admin using the native custom settings UI provided by salesforce.
Public settings are designed to be internal to your app.  Only your code can set/view the settings, but not the subscriber.  Using apex/VF, you decided what data stored in the setting is exposed to the subscriber.



Thank you for the reply. :smileyhappy:


Andrew, you said that "Public settings are designed to be internal to your app." What is the appropriate/recommended use of Private custom settings?




Apologies, I got the terminology mixed up here.  Above I meant to say "protected" custom settings.  Public settings are visible to the subscriber in the setup area and editable.  


There is no such thing as a private setting.  


Ah yes, I meant "Protected" too :-P


So - "Protected" settings can be edited through VF/Apex provided in a managed package ONLY, and "Public" custom settings provided in a managed package can be edited with either VF/Apex OR the standard Custom Settings management interface under Setup > Develop. Is that correct?




You got it.

Mitesh SuraMitesh Sura



I have a similar issue, I have custom setting, which has checkbox and a text field. When I include that in package, the data I enter is not copied over.

What I would like is install those values , and if the customer wants to update those custom settings, they should be able to. 


What am I missing here?





You won't see the custom settings in the subscriber org , if they were protected in the packaging org.

But these custom settings do exist in the subscriber org with whatever data you populated in the packaging org. To administer these custom settings in the subscriber org, you will need to create a VF admin page to manage them. Public custom settings are not recommended , if they consist of sensitive data, which you dont want everyone to see/update in the subscriber org. Hope this helps.

Mitesh SuraMitesh Sura

thanks pats1976, but I do want them to see the custom settings and manage different app settings. I am able to do it now. 

I think it was to do with post install script. 


Hi SVforce Partner,


I have the same issue that I am not able to see the Custom Settings when installed from Managed package. What am I missing ?




Mitesh SuraMitesh Sura

My issue was not custom settings, but the data that I entered was not available which was part of post install script. Your custom settings should just port over, if they are not marked as private.

Hope this helps.

ISVForce Partner
Hi, Bhavik
I faced a similar issue where custom settings were not getting installed when I installed a managed package in another org. To solve this problem, I followed these steps:
1) Firstly, I made sure that the custom settings were properly defined and included in the managed package in the development org.
2) After creating the managed package, I checked the package components to ensure that the custom settings were selected for inclusion.
3) When installing the package in the new org, I verified that the installation process was completed successfully without any errors.
4) Next, I navigated to the Setup menu in the new org and selected "Develop" followed by "Custom Settings."
5) If I couldn't see the custom settings listed there, I double-checked that the custom settings were indeed part of the managed package.
6) In case the custom settings were missing, I reviewed the packaging process to ensure that the custom settings were correctly added to the package.
7) If necessary, I repeated the steps of creating the managed package, making sure to include the custom settings.
8) Finally, I reinstalled the updated package in the new org and verified that the custom settings were successfully installed and visible in the Setup menu.
By following these steps, I was able to resolve the issue and ensure that the custom settings were correctly installed when deploying the managed package to a new org.
Hi, Bhavik
Let me know was the above content helpful for you. Thanks.
Best regard,