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Select All Items from a Dependent Picklist by Default

I've added 2 custom picklists to the Opportunities page. One of the picklists is a standard picklist with static values, and the other is a dependent picklist whose content is based on the value of the selected item in the the first picklist.


I need to find a way to force the user to select all of the items that are presented in the dependent picklist.


Can this be done with validation rules, or would it require a custom S-control or a trigger?




Hi BillAtPar,


You should be able to accomplish this with a Validation Rule.


Good Luck,



Hi Eric,


Thank you for the reply.


I'm a SF newbie, so my skills aren't very good at this point. Can you give me a general idea of how I would do this as a validation rule?




Hi Bill,


Suppose your first picklist has two values, 'Cars' and 'Sports'.


If the user chooses 'Cars', the picklist below has values of 'Ford', 'Toyota', and 'Honda'.


If the user chooses 'Sports', the picklist below has values of 'Basketball', 'Baseball', and 'Football'.


From what I understand, if the user chooses 'Sports' from the first picklist, you want to make sure all 3 sports are selected from the second picklist.


You can set up avalidation rule which says if 'Sports' is selcted from the first picklist, if 'Basketball', 'Baseball', and 'Football' are all not selected, then don't allow the user to be able to save the record.


Make sense?



Hi Eric, 


So, my rule would be something like this:


ISPICKVAL(FirstList, "Cars"),
ISPICKVAL( SecondList,"Honda" ) OR
ISPICKVAL( SecondList,"Toyota" )


The syntax above is probably not exactly right and it doesn't include what I would need to do for all of the values oif the first list, but I think that I get the idea. It would be great if I could use a wildcard instead of the actual list values from the second list , but that's probably not possible.


Thanks for your help.


I am trying to get a specific URL (S Control) to not only show up on the case tab as a section but to pull up the same account as referenced within the case.  I.E  AT&T case with the AT&T case in the external tool.  Not sure what the URL thread should be so it automatically always pulls from the automatically generated number from the outside tool.  Below is the formula I am currently using, but not sure how to get it to pull the specific case.


What it should have on it is: This AP number is how the case accounts are tracked and need to somehow have a formula that always populates this automatically within the thread.  Make sense? 


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