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Workflow Rule to Update Account Status when a contract expires

I have a custom field on the Account Object called Account Status.  It has three values, Current, Lapsed, null. 


I am trying to create a workflow rule that looks at all of the contracts within an account and evaluates the start and end dates.  If the latest contract end date is a date in the past it would update Account Status to "Lapsed"


Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks

I am also looking for an answer to this question. I called support yesterday but they gave me no help. I also have the custom field that reads active, cancelled, expired and would like to be able to set up a trigger that once the end date has arrived this field would automatically change to expired. I dont understand how its so technically dificult to make this happen as it should be straight forward.
It seems trivial but I still haven't found a way.  I imagine this can be done using a trigger. 



Did you ever find a solution?


Can't you do a Roll Up Summary field of Contracts on Account that is something like:


Max (Contract End Date)


Then write a Workflow Rule that says: If Max(Contract End Date) > TODAY(), then FIELD UPDATE



Unfortunately no.  
You are correct.  I guess I don't have a good answer for that one.  Although Contract seems to be the detail in a Master-Detail between Account/Contract, it doesn't act that way.  I was expecting it to act like the Account/Opportunity relationship, but it behaves more like Account/Contact.

We had the same issue and we ended up creating a new Contract object.  This allowed us to create roll up summaries and other functions that you are limited/unable to do with the standard Contract Object.


sound bit tricky.. Let me try if it works for you...


Create a Rollup field on account and count Contracts on the basis of Contract status equal to Expired AND Last Modified date  Equals to TODAY ( I am assuming that only one contact is expiring everyday. You can tweak it as per your requirement)


Create time based workflow on account, which updates the account on the basis of value of Rollup Field ( You can schedule that work flow to run daily) 


Thanks but you can only create a roll up summary in these situtations.


  • Any custom object that is on the master side of a master-detail relationship
  • Any standard object that is on the master side of a master-detail relationship with a custom object
  • Opportunities using the values of opportunity products related to the opportunity
  • Accounts using the values of related opportunities
  • Campaigns using campaign member status or the values of campaign member custom fields