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Set a work flow based on updating any field being modified. Can it be done?

Can a work flow be created where it will call for a specific action no matter what field is updated and then attempted to be saved?


I need to make the user assign a case out of our support queand assigned to a specific user if any field in the case is updated. Can this be done, and if so, my friends, how?




I haven't tested it but you should be able to set the rule to run based on the formula evaluating to true and then use a formula like:


That formula would always be false causing the workflow to trigger


Thanks, but what field do I apply this to? Since any field in the Case object could be updated.

Also, could you give me an example of a formula that would work? I'm not all that experienced at writing them. Getting there, but not yet.


Help appreciated. Thanks.




You don't actually select a field.  In the Rule Criteria section, there is a dropdown.  Change the dropdown to Run this rule if the following formula evaluates to true. 


Then in the formula box, just type



That should do it 




I'm sorry, call me dense, but this makes no sense to me.


I have a case that comes in via EmailtoCase and is assigned to the Support Que.

If someone accesses that case and makes ANY changes to ANY field, I want it so that

the edits cannot be saved until they assign the case ownership to someone other

than the Support Que.


I don't see how just putting: 1=2 will do all that. I'm sure it won't as a matter of fact.


Or, am I just below the clouds on this one?





Sorry - it seems as if you want a validation rule then not a workflow rule as you had suggested in your first email.  In the validation rule, I would think you could just check that the ownerid equals whatever that queue id is, otherwise an error appears and the record can't be saved.  We don't use queues so I'm not sure if you have to look at the ownerid or a different field, though.