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Need some help - custom fields concatenate and rollover details



I have 2 problems and I would really apreciate some help here.


1. I have a 'company' object and a 'contacts' object (both of them are custom made). They are related objects with lookup fields. From the contact I have the posibility to select a company. When I move the mouse over the company name, a rollover windows appears (i'm not sure if this is the correct name). See the attachment. There I see my company name. Is there any way to have other informations in that rollover window ? For example I would like to see the address details of that company.


2. In my custom 'Contacts' object i defined 'first name' and 'last name' fields. In the standard 'Contacts' object i saw that there is a field called 'Name' which includes the first name and the last name. How can i make a custom field called name that concatenates my custom 'first name' and 'last name' fields ?



Steve :-/Steve :-/

To add fields to the Mouse-Over Pop-Up window, you need to edit the Page Layout of the item you want to appear in the Pop-Up.  


Near the top of the Page Layout Editor there is a thing called the Mini-Console (that's basically the Pop-Up window).  When you edit this you sould be able to add whatever fields you want to the Pop-Up.  



To build a Concatenated Name field, you need to create a Custom Formula(text) field.  


You formula should look something like this:



Text_Field_1 + " " + Text_Field_2




Thanks. The 'mini page layout' is what i needed, but thanks to you i found it.

Thanks for the idea about the formula field, is it possible to get that formula into the object name standard field ?  It looks like that is required field.




Steve :-/Steve :-/

If you're on EE or UE you might be able to do ith with a Workflow Rule

Steve :-/Steve :-/

Do you still need help with this or are you all set?


Thanks SteveMo ,


I was able to resolve due to your solution . But , using this formula : Full Name = LastName__C + " " + FirstName__c (for concatenating two lookup values is actually concatenating IDs ) 


I have achieved this by below formula inherited from you ,this will help if somebody facing similar issue like me : 

LastName__r.Name   + " " +  FirstName__r.Name