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Need Help with Custom Formula

I need to create a report that shows the total number of leads by status and the percentage statuses to the total leads.  Its supposed to look something like this… 



Number Percentage    

Total Assigned Leads                330    100.00%    

Non contacted                          180      54.55%    

Attempted Contact Once            47      14.24%    

Attempted Contact Twice            50      15.15%    

Attempted contact Three Times   20        6.06%    

Attempted Contact Four Times    10        3.03%    

Closed Out                                  10        3.03%    

Converted to Opportunities          13        3.94%   


My problem is I do not know how to create a custom formula that will calculate the Percentages of each status based off the total number of statuses.  Any ideasThanks for your time.Steve