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Custom Reports and Report Types as part of package

Today, we make custom fields available to customers for Reports through creating custom report types. Each time a customer is implementing our solution, we have to build the reports they want (which is really a standard set) in sandbox and then again in production. All done manually. The fields they need are a combo of standard SFDC fields and our fields (available through a custom object.) Feels like we are missing something here in the packaging. Any ideas about how we can automate this report build process? Thanks for the help.

It seems like you want to build a report "per customer".  This is typically not a scalable solution - as you can see.


We usually see this when you haven't setup your security model correctly - or if each customer has wildly different sets of reports they need. Not in terms of Data, but in terms of structure.


To do it right, tach customer - depending on your security model, should only have access to their records- regardless of the report.


So when you give them access to the reports of "All Projects", the report will automatically filter that result set to "Their projects". (Again, assuming you've setup the security correctly).


The only reason to create new report TYPES, is if you have different sets of Objects you're reporting on. - If you're doing this per customer, you're fundamentally architecting salesforce incorrectly.You shouldn't make new objects for new customers. (I may have read your post wrong... but that's what it sounded like).

You don't want new objects for each customer, that won't scale.  You want ONE object (or the objects you need for one customer) to apply to all of your customers.



In short: You shouldn't need to build different reports or Custom Report types per customer.  You should setup your security model so the customer portal users can only see their records.  Then, when you share one report in the portal- regardless of which customer runs it - only their information will be displayed.