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Best Practice: Extend or Not Extend

I am building an AppExchange app and I am working through the data model.  I have several fields that naturally belong on User, but because this is an AppExchange application I am wondering if it is best/better practice to create a new SObject that has a Lookup to User and place the fields that I need in that SObject.


Are there any best practices?  Should I extend the User and use a Trigger to enforce that the relationship always be 1-to-1 (instead of 1-to-many)?  or should I just collapse all the fields into the User object and make things simple?


Thanks in advance.




1-1 relationship may suggest that you may very well add them as fields in the user object, but always remember that user object is bit different from other standard or custom object and may have some restrictions , hence it is advisable to create a custom object for your purposes.

Hope this helps.