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LMA doesn't show Package records for my app

I'm having problems getting my package to appear in the LMA.

    • I created a managed package in a Developer Edition org, and uploaded it to the App Exchange.

    • I installed the LMA into my production org. This is my AppExchange Publishing Org (APO).

    • I logged into the App Exchange, using credentials from my APO.

    • On the Publishing tab, I clicked "Your Organizations," and added my Developer Edition org as a "Linked Organization." My package then appeared in the "Your Uploaded Packages" tab on the Publishing Home page.

    • On the "Your Organizations" tab, I added my APO as the "Current AppExchange Publishing Organization." 

    • I created a private listing. I've filled in all the required fields on all the tabs, but on the "Your Private Listings" tab, the listing still shows up as only 52% complete. (There's no indication of what's missing or what I have to do to get to 100% complete.) Listing Type is "App." Status is "New." 

    • On the listing's "Offering" tab, I linked the latest version of my package to the listing, and selected it in the "Select the latest version of your application" pull-down. 

    At this point, shouldn't I be able to log into my APO, go to the LMA, and see that the App Exchange has created Package and Package Version records for my app? I'm not seeing that.


    I'm shocked at how poorly documented this whole process is. There are a LOT of resources on the App Exchange -- documents, presentations, webinar recordings, etc. -- but they're often out of date, referencing tab names, links, and field labels that have changed. And nowhere have I been able to find a simple list like the one above that summarizes all the steps you need to take, and how to take them. IMHO, Salesforce should create one or two documents that describe how things work right now, and then DELETE all of the outdated documentation, webinars, and other materials from their sites. As it is, I'm shocked that anybody manages to get listings up on the App Exchange!



      I think you may have encountered a bug - the package record should appear in the LMA after you register it with an LMA.  I'll work with engineering to investigate.


      You're right about the documentation. Part of the problem is the overall process should be simplified so it doesn't span multiple systems and orgs.  We're almost done with a re-write of the LMA guide to better describe the process.  Right now your best piece of documentation is probably the salesforce packaging guide which you can find on developer.force.com


      Hi Logan,


      Thanks for your reply! Please post as soon as Engineering has anything to report. With Salesforce's incentives to get applications up on the App Exchange before Dreamforce, I can't be the only person encountering this problem.


      If Engineering wants to look at what I've done, please let me know how to get my contact information to you without posting it publicly here. Thanks!


      It would be great if you could grant SFDC login access (under Setup | Personal Information | Grant Login Access) to the DE org for the package and also the LMO org - give us a 2 week window as several teams need to get involved and I know the AppEx team is in the middle of  release.  I've already reproduced the issue but the more data the better.  Then you could email me the two admin usernames that you made the grant from so we can find the right user to login as.  You can send to lhenriquez at salesforce dot com.


      Thanks for your help.






      The other thing I should mention is that there is often a delay of several hours (sometimes as long as a day if things are busy) between when you register the package and when it appears in the LMO.  So check back tomorrow and if you don't see it, send me the info.




      I just noticed that in the steps you listed you didn't mention associating the package with an LMO.  You have to do that before you see records in your LMO.  It must be repeated for every package version.  See page 47 of the packaging guide. The steps in appexchange are as follows:


      1) Go to http://www.appexchange.com
      2) Click the Publishing tab
      3) Enter your DE org credentials where you created the package
      4) Agree to the terms and conditions (assuming you have never done this before)
      5) Fill in a brief profile, just a name will suffice (assuming you have never done this before)
      6) Find your package version in the Your Uploaded Packages tab ( this may take a while to appear after you upload the package from the DE org - often several hours)
      7) Click the Manage Licenses link for the package version you uploaded
      8) Click the Register button
      9) Specify the LMO by providing user credentials for that org and specify the other default license parameters including trial length and number of subscribers/users
      10) Save
      11) After a few hours, a package record should appear in the associated LMO.