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Question on selling apps

Do we have to handle the payment/billing, or is the AppExchange handling that natively?  If it doesn't handle natively, is this planned?  I'm thinking of pushing a paid app on the exchange, but it's a B2C type app, and needs to be 100% ecommerce, including the purchase itself.  I'd prefer to not have to custom build an ecommerce integration and licensing platform to provide a truly paid-but-no-salesperson application.


If ecomm is built in, can someone point me toward the correct documentation for it?


The Appexchange does not have ecommerce built in. I've seen partners use a variety of options there including PayPal, Google Checkout, Zuora's product, ect.


AppExchange does not provide ecommerce capabilities today. Today, you will need to handle the payment/billing pieces yourselfs. Many AppExchange partners have used Zuora to do exactly this. Their app integrates with Salesforce and the LMA and you can find it here: http://sites.force.com/appexchange/listingDetail?listingId=a0N30000003IlF3EAK


We have been gathering information about the ecommerce capabilities that partners want to have on the AppExchange with the idea of potentially eventually providing this functionality. For the app that you are intending to list, how would the pricing work? Would it be one-time, subscription or metered? Would someone need to purchase your app before getting access to it, or would there be a free trial period with purchase at the end?


Hi Ryan,


The ideal would be as much flexibility as possible.  Also, forward-thinking, you guys need to support provisioning Salesforce.com licenses via API, so that OEM's can sell their applications via ecommerce, not through some approval/PO/billing dept. based process.  The whole thing is about scalability.  No OEM considering selling on the AppExchange would do it if their existing licensing model supported ecomm, but the SF licensing didn't.


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In summer 2012, Salesforce launched AppExchange Checkout to provide the service you are looking for.

App providers can use the AppExchange Checkout service (which is currently connected to Stripe) to automatically charge customers' credit cards for payment. The system is connected to the LMA (License Management App) to handle provisioning/licensing. This is a great option for low cost apps that are simple for customers to set-up on their own.

Here's some more info on AppExchange Checkout:



As an example, our Done task management app uses AppExchange Checkout.  You can see the AppExchange listing here:


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: