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Managed Package install changed field accessability

I installed a managed package into a production org and it broke some existing integrations - it turned out that a field that was used in the integration was no longer in the WSDL and this was because the field the integration was using was now hidden.  This was a new install not an upgrade.  This also is a custom field that is not referenced or known to the managed package.  I performed the following tests in a fresh sandbox.


  1. Take a snapshot of the Field Accessability for two profiles - System Admin and one other.
  2. Download the WSDL.
  3. Install the managed packaged
  4. Compare the field accessability with the prior snapshot - there are multiple changes
  5. Download the WSDL and compare with the previous version - there are multiple changes, specifically fields that were in the origianal WSDL are no longer there.

A package install is not supposed to make any destructive changes - at least that has been my prior experience.  I called Safesforce support and their response was to speak to the developer of the package.  Well I am the developer of the package and I am at a loss.  This package has been installed many times in many different orgs and I have not seen this behavior.


Has anyone seen anything like this and do you have any idea what causes this?






Hi Diane,


Can you post your case number?  If it's not in there already, can you add the exact steps (settings you used during the install specifically around profile selection).  I'd like to take a look.





Thank you Andrew.


The case that was opened in Premier support was 04853224 .  This case was closed at the same time that it was opened with the rep saying this was a problem with the package and not a salesforce issue.  I do not know what was in the case itself.


The case I opened in the partner portal is  04861528.