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Issue uploading a patch

I am getting errors attempting to upload a patch release.  When I upload the patch as a beta patch it uploads successfully.  When I attempt to upload the patch as released, I get a failure with the following error.  Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this.  I made a couple of small changes to a couple of classes.


An unexpected error occurred when uploading your package. Please contact Salesforce Support and provide the following error code: 121672770-14083 (1630473868)


Please log a case through the Partner Portal (www.salesforce.com/partnerportal). 


I did log a case - it is 06044932.  Another interesting fact.  I created a new release.  The new release uploaded just fine and installed in the customer org.  It was just the patch upload that failed.  The changes for the release were exactly the same as the changes that went into the patch.







Hi Diane. Did you ever get a reply for case 06044932? I'm having the same problem and I think it might have the same cause.




Salesforce indicated it was a bug and they were working on it.  They rolled out a patch the next day and I have not experienced the problem since.