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Grouping stages in opportunities for report/dashboard

Hi...not sure if this can be done, but i've been asked to group certain stages of an opp...i.e. probability 10, 20, 30% with expected revenue, then probability 40, 50, 70 with expected revenue, then probality 80%, not weighted (with total cost), and lastly probability 90% with total cost.  can this be done on same report??
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I'm with you on that!

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Steve :-/Steve :-/

I had to do the same thing on our SFDC Org.  What you need to do is create a custom formula field that evaluates your Opportunity.Probabilty% and assigns a category or number to it that you can use to group your report.  


here's the one I built

Datatype: Formula(Text)


IF(AND(IsWon), "1. Won 100%",

IF (AND(Probability >= 0.90,NOT(IsClosed)), "2. Forecast 90% Confidence",

IF (AND(Probability >= 0.50,NOT(IsClosed)), "3. Pipeline 50-90% Confidence",

IF (AND(Probability >= 0.20,NOT(IsClosed)), "4. Working 20-50% Confidence",

IF (AND(Probability < 0.20,NOT(IsClosed)), "5. Omitted 0-20% Confidence",

IF(AND(IsClosed,NOT(IsWon)), "6. Lost",NULL))))))




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terrific...thank you!


so i have another issue...on an open opps report, of course we want to see everything, however, a field has been requested to be added to the report..i.e. net/margin equity.  the problem is, is that this field/column is only to show the data when an opportunity type equals a certain metric.  there is data in that field for all other opp types too, but the data is only wanted to be seen for a specific opp type.  how do i do this without losing all the other open opportunities??  

I was able to create my groupings based on your posting, but how do I incorporate the sum of 'expected revenue' and 'total cost' fields per grouping?..i.e. .10,.20 and .30 needs to show expected revenue.
Steve :-/Steve :-/

When you're building your Summary or Matrix Report you should have the option to summarize any of your Revenue Fields when you get to Step 3.


Step 3: Select the information to summarize (select columns to total)



No, you're right, but I guess I'm trying to use the funnel chart/graph.  I have a bar graph and it does work correctly, but I've been requested to use the funnel and the only way I know how to do that is to merge the criteria into one formula.  Use the info you gave me and then add the other criteria to it. Guess that won't work then.
Steve :-/Steve :-/

Yeeesh!  I dunno what to tell you...  or I should say "I don't know what to tell you to say to your users".  


At the end of the day a Chart or Dashboard is just supposed to give you a quick synopsis of The BIG Picture.  If they need to see that level of detail then they're just gonna have to suck it up, deal with a little Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and click on the Detail Report.   

I'm with you on that!
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Jaime Blalock 4Jaime Blalock 4
Hello! I just found this thread and this is EXACTLY what I need! I have created my formula field and asjusted SteveMo's formula to match the groupings I want but I am getting a Syntax Error, any idea on what I am missing?

IF(AND(IsWon), "1. Live 100%",
IF (AND(Probability >= 0.85,NOT(IsClosed)), "2. 85-95% Implementation”,
IF (AND(Probability >= 0.70,NOT(IsClosed)), "3. 70-80% Verbal and Contracts",
IF (AND(Probability >= 0.20,NOT(IsClosed)), "4. 20-60% Pipeline",
IF (AND(Probability < 0.20,NOT(IsClosed)), "5. 0-20% Working",
IF(AND(IsClosed,NOT(IsWon)), "6. Lost",NULL))))))