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Marisol ThomerMarisol Thomer 

Help needed on workflow rule criteria formula

Hi all,


I'm trying to create a workflow rule to use to send an email alert whenever an task is created that is related to a Contact with a particular contact record type.


I've run into 2 snags in doing this.

1) I can't figure out how to reference the contact record type in the workflow rule criteria formula.

2) when creating a template email (for my notification email I want to have sent), activity fields don't seem to be available as merge field.


I'm hoping someone here may have figured out how to solve the first problem or can at least definitively say it can't be done (if not, any work around suggestions?). Any knowledge on the second, though it doesn't pertain to the board's topic area, is appreciated too!


Many thanks!


Marisol Thomer

Outreach Director

Progressive States Network

Anand SinghAnand Singh

One approach to solve this problem is as follows:


1) Since task/activity fields are not available in email template, create similar custom fields on contact (which are required in email template)

2) Develop trigger on Task which will check whether the Task field (label "Assigned To" with API name "OwnerId") is equal to Contact with particular recordtype.

3) If Yes, update custom fields (created in step 1) on contact from Task (since the trigger is on Task, all values are available on Task object variable)

4) Create an email template on Contact referring custom fields (created in step 1)

5) Create Workflow Rule on Contact to send email to contact's email when custom fields (created in step 1) on contact are populated by trigger (in step 3).


Hope this resolves the issue.