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How to Change Status for one case and reopen an old closed case

I am using Email to case to register new cases. Once the case is registered it moves from one department to another before it is closed. This is done by changing the Lookup field Department__c (Lookup to custom object Department__c ) on Case. Each time dept is changed, a record is inserted in the Dept_move__c custome object Which is detail with Case as master. For this record insert part I have written a Trigger it is working good. I have 2 more things here that I need to implement but don't know how to implement them and will appreciate if some one can help.


1.  Sometimes a department person needs some more information from the customer and they send the e mail to the customer and change the case Status Field (picklist)  to - 'Waiting On Customer'. Now when the customer replied to the email, I need that Case Status should automatically changed to 'Open'. I know this can be implemented through Workflow but can't figure out the criteria Or rule for this as customer can send email for registering the new case,and can reply to a Closed Case Email for reopening an old Closed case if he thinks that issue is still there While the recently opened case is in 'Waiting on Customer' Status.


So the issue is -- When the customer send the Email, It can be for:


1.  Open a New case -- This I have implemented with Email to case functionality and working Good.


2.  Re Open a Closed Case Change Status field to -- 'Reopened'


3.  Chnage the Case Status from 'Waiting on Customer' to 'Open'  -- When the customer replied to the mail providing the information whatever needed by the customer care.


My 1st main problem is how to distinguish Weather the mail is for changing the status or re opening an old case. and 2nd problem is how to implement this functionality.


Will appreciate if someone help...!!!


We're trying to do something similar, and have had some luck doing the following:

Create a custom field called EmailLastUpdated and through workflow, have this field update whenever an email is received.

Have a 2nd workflow item that looks for changes in EmailLastUpdated and reacts accordingly.


Make sure that you clear the field in your workflow!


We're trying to set up something now that will clear the field if the status is changed by a different method (user action), so that the rule will not accidentally trigger.

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My user will reply the mail and he close the case.Then the case is automatically reopend and he will get back to the email.please provide solution for this.