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Before Rule Trigger Date

How does a before "Rule Trigger Date" work on time dependent workflow? I thought it wouldn't let me create it but it did so i'm curious if there is a condition that will actually make this rung?




Time dependent gets triggered by the firing condition , following that we define any action based on a time lag from the date of a particular date type field say 30 days before "Premium Submitting Date" so when the trigger gets fired then it does the prescribed action say 30 days before the "Premium Submitting Date" when the trigger was fired not on the  subsequent changing  "Premium Submitting Date".

Still your question apears a bit unclear to me kindly be more specific.

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I was wondering if anyone can tell me whether something like this is even possible when it comes to applying the "Before Rule Trigger Date" option.


We have tried to put together a workflow rule on a custom subscription object that sends a customer a reminder 30 days before the subscription renewal date. It's very easy to have this rule apply only once, but the problem is our subscriptions are auto-renewed and we need to send these reminders before every renewal date (so once a year as long as the subscription is active).


Since we need a time-based workflow action for this, the rule is only evaluated when a record is created or when it is updated to re-trigger the rule.


This formula, for example, would work just fine if we only needed a reminder to be sent once:




and the time-based trigger would send an e-mail 30 Days prior to next_sched_renewal_date__c.


Unfortunately, the rule would continue to evaluate to TRUE, hence it would not be triggered again.


Since we needed to have the reminder e-mail go out every year during an active subscription, we came up with this formula that evaluates to true when the next scheduled renewal date is equal to TODAY():


AND(!ISBLANK(next_sched_renewal_date__c),next_sched_renewal_date__c = TODAY(),ISPICKVAL(subscr_status__c,"Current"))


and the time-based trigger would send an e-mail 30 Days Before Rule Trigger Date (i.e. next renewal date).


The thinking was that Salesforce would know that the rule will be true in 30 days and will fire the e-mail accordingly at that time. Unfortunately, that's not how the "Before Rule Trigger Date" option works. It adds the reminder e-mail to the queue ONLY on the actual Rule Trigger Date and has it go out then, not 30 days before.


Can anyone think of a way to accomplish this task?


Thank you all in advance,



Sojin SkariaSojin Skaria
 For example, if a workflow rule is scheduled to alert the opportunity owner 7 days before the opportunity close date and the close date is set to 2/20/2011, Salesforce sends the alert on 2/13/2011. If the close date is updated to 2/10/2011 and the time trigger hasn't fired, Salesforce reschedules the alert for 2/3/2011. If Salesforce recalculates the time triggers to a date in the past, Salesforce triggers the associated actions shortly after you save the record.