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Apex Eclipse Plugin


I saw that an updated version of the eclipse plugin was due today, 8/15.  Has it come out yet?  I couldn't find any indication that it had come out on the wiki...does anyone have any news about it?

Didn't see it via the Eclipse Updater.

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Ron HessRon Hess
check again tomorrow :smileytongue:

You're always there when I need you...

Thanks Ron!
A few questions for anyone that may know.

Some people have reported that the current plugin doesn't work with Eclipse 3.3...

While others have reported it works fine...

Were there any confirmed issues and does this new plugin have full support for Eclipse 3.3?

Will there be release notes discussing new features / significant changes? Perhaps here....

- Thanks

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Ron HessRon Hess
it's out.

Yes, the new toolkit will work with 3.3
There is a new update site, pls check the Toolkit page for details on the new version.

Holy smokes.

The built in deployment tool is totally awesome. Way easier than the Apache Ant tool.

Our company has a special situation where we have a superstar team of salesforce.com admins that totally control, enhance, and manage salesforce but are separate from IT. Yet we must get IT to approve all app changes we make in salesforce (its a Sarbanes Oxley thing) this should assist in convincing them that deploying the code is a simple, straight forward process.

Whoever built in this functionality...I thank you!

- Jason