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Can Apex be deployed to Enterprise Edition accounts?

I have read in numerous places that as of Summer 07 Apex is only GA in Developer and Unlimited Edition accounts.  However, a friend is telling me it is possible as of Summer 07 to develop Apex in a DE account and deploy it to an Enterprise Edition account?  Is this possible?  If so, where is this process described?  Thanks
Ron HessRon Hess
no, Apex code does not run in Enterprise Edition, only UE and DE
When will it be available for Enterprise?

I'm also interested in this - is it on the roadmap to roll out Apex code to other editions?  It would greatly help with a lot of our development work


Are there any plans for this for Winter '07 release?  If not I will just use the AJAX API in enterprise...
There's an apex code add for EE announced at DreamForce and available now. see