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Please help me in writing After trigger

Hi Friends
I want to write a trigger on contact for "After Insert" and "After Update" to get email Id and ContactOwner and insert into Contact Email field.
I have written this code
trigger MyContactTrigger on Contact (after insert , after update) {
 if((Trigger.isInsert) || (Trigger.isUpdate))
  for (Contact c :trigger.new)
                    Contact[] OwnerId = [Select OwnerId from Contact where Id in :Trigger.new];
            for(Integer i=0;i<OwnerId.length;i++){
 c.Email =[Select E_mail from User where Id =OwnerId[0]];}
I have found Compile Error: unexpected token:.
Please let me know how to write this trigger.
Pseudocode Is like this:
get OwnerId from Contact
Get Email from User where Id=c.OwnerId
c.email =Email
Hi Vineeta,

try OwnerId.size() instead of OwnerId.length

it's not tested, just an idea.