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Problem in package upgradation

HI Everybody,


     I made a managed package and uploaded to appexhange. Now I made some modifications to the application and upgraded the managed package after including all the modified tasks. Now when I installed the package, I am unable to see some of those changes.


      Can any one guess the problem here. Please let me know if you need any other information.



Naresh B


What type managed package that you uploaded,Is it Managed package beta?


HI Thanks for the reply,


    I uploaded managed released version. Released package behaving differently(regarding visibility of modifications) when I install newly in salesforce and when I upgrade the old package.


   If you need any other information please let me know.



Naresh B

Chris JohnChris John

Some components that are packageable are not upgradeable.


For example, Dashboards are not upgradeable because customers with your Dashboards installed can modify/delete them, so it wouldn't make sense to overwrite them if they upgraded the package.


For a full list of which components are upgradeable, check out this section of the ISVForce guide:



Hope that helps,