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Going to version 2.0

Hi All,


I have two managed packages available on the appexchange which are doing quite well.

But after a while and learning more from the force.com platform i have better ideas of designing and developing my applications.


I cannot change these things in the current package as i cannot delete objects and functions from already released packages. Is there a way to start fresh with a version 2.0 of my package and attach this package to the same appexchange listing?





There are some new features in Spring 12 that now allow you to make modifications to custom fields after the package is released.  If your talking about a complete rewrite of your released apps, you'll need to create new managed packages, go through the security review again and then you'll have the option of using an existing listing or creating a new one.


The challege here as I'm sure you know is what do with your existing customers using the released packages. Much like any software app, you'll want to work our a migration path for those customers, if it makes sense.