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It's 4 am and I see "No clean data columns available for custom fields."

I'm attempting to install a package into a sandbox org and I'm getting this weird error:

Problem: No clean data columns available for custom fields.

Component: (PCKG__MyObject__c.Custom_Field__c)

Details: No clean data columns available for custom fields.


I tried blanking out all the Custom_Field__c fields but that didn't help. Any ideas what's going on now?! Thanks.


Any luck on this issue? I just ran into the same error message today. Going to log a case with salesforce.


You need to log a case since there's apparently a bug that SF needs to resolve.




prospect got this same message when he installed in a sandbox.  It refers to sample custom fields on the Account object that got included in my managed package, and shouldn't have. Could you share the case number for this issue? Has Salesforce indicated any resolution for it?


I wish I would have responded sooner. As I vaguely recall, it was not anything that required a case with salesforce or a defect that I was aware of. It had to do with an object being named (i can't recall if a field or an object)  the same thing in the package. One was a custom object created in the org directly without any namespace and I believe my package had the same object name with the namespace. The weird thing was it appeared to be a selective error, meaning it was ok in other cases where the object name was the same, but in other cases I had this error. It's a very rare error.