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Summary Layout Component preventing patch release

Has anyone seen a 'new component' issue before for a 'summary layout' component (for a patch version)?  I'm assuming it was something added in Summer '12 as I haven't been able to determine what a 'summary layout' component is. It seems that something was added in Summer '12 that is going to force me to do a major release instead of being able to release a patch version. When I click on the links to the components, I just receive an 'Insufficient Privileges' message. My thought is that is related to the 'Highlights Panel' of Page Layouts though I thought this was added in Summer '11. 






Thanks for reporting this issue. We were able to reproduce it and we are already working on a fix.

If the fix works we will try to get it out tomorrow.

Luca Dellamore

ISVForce Team


Hi Luca,


Thanks for the response and looking into the issue. Please let me know when the fix has been released. 








We are also facing the same kind of issue. Please help.





We deployed the fix last night, you should be unblocked


Luca Dellamore

IsvForce team.


The "summary layout" error is fixed but now after select "upload" and select "Managed - Released" I got the following error after the upload:

"An unexpected error occurred when uploading your package. Please contact Salesforce Support and provide the following error code: 1614175938-511 (-1826482542)"


That seems a different issue.

My guess is that you made a change to an apex class that changed the surface area of the patch (in a patch org you are not supposed to add new components).

The stack trace has a PatchOrgModificationException.

If you still need help the right course of action would be to open a support case.


Luca Dellamore

ISVforce team


Maybe these are related each other - I did not add any new component to the patch and start getting these errors when SF start upgrade to the new version (summer '12).

Both errors says something about I add something to package, but again, I did not add any new component, just update some code.


For all of you who get the "Summary layout" error, do you success upload your patch now?


Anyway - Case is already opened for my problem (07634896) but no solution yet.



Yitzchak Mushkin