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Chatter Required forced on when uploading a managed package since Summer 2012 went live

We have a problem with "Chatter Required" being forced on when uploading a managed package.    Before Summer 2012 this was not being forced on.   We don't use or refer to Chatter in the app and never have.  What is causing this?


An Eclipse source code search for "Chattter" just comes up with some new unused settings in a Permission Set.   Is it that that is forcing Chatter to be required.


Anyone else with a problem like this?  Or better an idea what to switch off to get nback to a Chatter free app.


The problem,of course, is that some of our cusotmers don't use Chatter (cover your ears Mr Benioff) and don't want to.  We don't want to force this on them.


Click the "Show Dependecies" button on your package (components tab).  It should show you why the system thinks you are using Chatter.