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"The requested package does not exist or has been deleted" - but only in some orgs

I have a beta version of a managed package that I uploaded to the AppExchange maybe 30 minutes ago. (It's beta, and for a privately-listed package, so I can't give the link here.) I've been able to install that version into a Developer Edition org and also to a sandbox, but when I try to install it into one sandbox in particular (one on tapp0), I get the "The requested package does not exist or has been deleted" error. 


To reiterate, I *have* successfully installed that version of the package into other orgs, including other sandboxes. I get the error only for that one sandbox.


Do uploaded packages take longer to become available on some Salesforce instances than others? Is there an issue with tapp0?  (trust.salesforce.com doesn't think so.) Why would I get this error for just this one sandbox?




It may take some time for a new package to be available in all instances (30 minutes seems a long time, usually it is faster). Probably at the time tapp0 had some issues on the backend that affected package replication.


Luca Dellamore,

IsvForce team