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Lars SundbergLars Sundberg 

Removing the namespace prefix from custom objects

I started with some development a couple of weeks ago in a regular Developer Edition organization.


Recently I got access to a Partner Developer Edition, and so, wanted to migrate the code from the old org to the new one.


Experimenting with packaging (with the help of the guide at: http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/packagingGuide/index.htm), I first created a managed package (beta). This included creating a namespace which was automatically added as a prefix to all my objects, and required me to change the object references in my apex code.


I realized later this was not what I wanted, and so uninstalled it from the new dev org, deprecated the package in the old org, deleted it, changed the object references back in apex and created a unmanaged package instead.


Installing this to the new dev org went fine. All objects were created without any namespace prefix. In the old one it's still there though, which is inconvenient since the references in apex and external scripts now need to be different for the two organizations.


So the question is: Is it possible to remove the namespace prefix for the objects in the old, regular Developer Edition organization somehow, or am I stuck with it there?







Hi there, You need to raise a ticket and assign it salesforce support to remove it.