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Exacttarget Issues

Has anyone else had issues with ET opting out contacts that should not be opted out? We have thousands of contacts (including internal reps that would have never opted out) being opted out. SFDC claims that it has to be ET opting out these contacts and we are getting these two excuses from ET:


1. The contact  record in your Salesforce instance has the "Email Opt Out" box checked and the integration sees that the box is checked at send time and marks the subscriber as Unsubscribed.


2. There are multiple contacts in your Salesforce instance with the same email address. If one of these contacts become unsubscribed (as a result of item 1 above or the email was unsubscribed previously), then the remaining contacts with this email address are marked as Unsubscribed at send time.


Out of 11,104 emails I found only 57 dupes. 


We are thankfully now able to use Constant Contact with SFDC, so dropping ET is what will most likely do, just wanted some feedback first. 




I wasn't sure where to post this, if the moderator can move it if needed that would be great! 


Hi Adrielle,

We are very knowledgable about ExactTarget Products and we can resolve your ExactTarget Issues.

Pleas contect me at pelekacz@gmail.com


Thank you,

Peter Kaczmarzyk