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Need suggestion to learn Salesforce


I'm working as a Software Test Engineer. I want to learn Salesforce. Please suggest me which module is good for tester. I do not have development experiece. 


I heard from my friends that the Salesfoce is useful for .Net developers. Please suggest me.





Good luck... There is not much information out there. There are maybe 300 developers world wide. My suggestion would be to take Steve Wasula class. This is very basic class that would give you the information to use saleforce and the basic components of the declarative language

Hi Latha,


Even though you're trying to look at this from a testing perspective, it wouldn't hurt to understand some of the underlying technology so that you have some idea of what is "under the hood" of what you are testing. So I'd suggest signing up for a free developer edition and trying out various things. Try simple things like:


1. Creating views on standard objects like Accounts / Contacts etc. You can play with filters, visibility etc.

2. Try playing with reports. Run some of the existing reports to see how they work.

3. Try defining a very simple custom object.

4. Try creating a tab for a custom object.

5. Create some new records on Accounts or Contacts or the custom object you define.


I think this would be a good and (hopefully) gentle start to the Force.com platform.




Do you have any suggestions for learning how to code the controllers and VF outside of the workbooks and modules?




I'm a big advocate of learning by doing. Start small and goal oriented, meaning, with a small project.

Assuming no (or not much) background in VF and controllers, here's wher I'd start:


1. A VF page with no controller. This would be sort of the "Hello World" exercise that you do in most languages. Hardcode the verbiage into the VF.


2. Build a very simple controller that stores the value "Hello world" in a variable and then use the VF page to display it.


3. Read some input from the user such as a name and echo "Hello <name>"


4. Then you can build something to ask the user's city and bring back a bunch of facts about the city. Display it as a table.


Just some ideas. Hope it helps.




Wizno @ ConfigeroWizno @ Configero

There are a few excellent ways to learn that Salesforce provides




There are also a few books out there. It's definitely limited, but there is enough to help you learn and get started. 


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