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Full-time Salesforce Administrator/Developer needed for Environmental Management Company in UK

the green house is a fast growing business in the Environment Industry that needs a qualified Salesforce person to help build out our business processes in our new Salesforce environment. 


The business is 5 years old so is not a start-up. We manage around 3000 properties in the UK for big clients such as Starbucks, H&M, The Body Shop and Caffe Nero. We handle over 500,000 scheduled recycling collections per annum and are quickly adding to our range of services with things like energy management and renewable infrastructures.


We have begun moving from our current CRM environment (SugarCRM) and need someone to work with us on a full-time basis to carry out the basic administration, customisations and basic development work. Any major projects we undertake would still be contracted out with the person we employ managing the project.


This is an exciting opportunity to be involved with a great company in a fantastic industry.


We are based in Northampton, UK


If you are interested and want to know more please do get in touch



     This is Ashwin from India. Could you provide me more info on the job profile. I am currently working as a SFDC Admin although in India. But I want to move to UK to enhance my career and skills.




You can contact me at pawar.ashwin@gmail.com




Ashwin Pawar



We take the opportunity to extend our services to your work assignments. 
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Are you considering candidates from the USA or only local candidates?  I live in the USA and am willing to travel to the job site, however I cannot relocate.  Would working remotely and travelling as needed be a possibility?  If so, please contact me via email at ghostedi@hotmail.com.


I will gladly email you my resume and discuss my qualifications further.  Thank you for your time.