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Email To Case

Hi All,


We are setting up Email To Case.  Everything is set up for customers to email us.  However, the cases won't create due to validation rules that certain fields must be filled out.  Without disabling these validation rules, how can we bypass them for Email To Case to work?





it sounds like you'd like to a validation rule is either the existing rule *OR* that the email is a from email to case, correct? If that's the case you can modify the validation rules such they they evaluate for true in either condition.  If it has a type, or a record type, make that valid in the rule.  Would that work for you?
We want the email to create a support case, just as if someone called in and we created a support case ourselves.  The problem is that the email will not create a support case because the support case validations rules won't allow it.
Makes sense.  Have you considered modifying the validation rules to not fire when the case originates via Email to Case?

Great idea!  Can you give me a few tips on the language?


For example, here is one of many validation rules that are getting tripped up:


(BEGINS( $RecordType.Name , "SupportCase"),
 ISPICKVAL( Caller__c, ""))



The validation rule looks to see if the agent has selected how the call originated.


Thank you!