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Can an Opp VR be created that requires at least one Contact Role before Stage =Closed Won?

Is it possible to right Validation Rules based on Contact Roles or lack thereof? Specifically we want to prevent Opportunities from being marked Closed Won without at least one Contact associated with the Opportunity as a Contact Role with the Role of Decision Maker.


Any guidance is appreciated.




It looks like there is something on the appexchange that may meet your needs:






Thank you Ron. I have deployed this in one of our sandboxes. It was quite an issue to get it to deploy and finally had to check the box to ignore any test errors that might generate during deployment. I am not sure why this is the case just yet though.

The only thing this does not allow me to do which I would like, is that it does not let me require a specific role, only that a Contact Role exists. Ideally I would like to require that not only a Contact Role be there, but that at least one of them have the role of Decision Maker.


Does anyone know if and how this is possible? Would this require another app, as I cannot find anything about Contact Role under the validation rules.

Thanks again.