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Oppty Name used to capture Contact Name

We are currently asking our agents to capture the Contact Name in the Oppty Name field because our interest is at the Contact level rather than the Account level.


Here's the problem:

When creating a workflow rule to send an internal email based on the installation date, we can only include Oppty fields in the content of the email. Related Contact data will not generate.


Proposed solution from SFDC:

Create a Contact relationship lookup field on the Oppty. However, now our agents would have to enter the same info in two fields. Is it possible to create a workflow rule that would "copy & paste" from the Contact relationship lookup field to the standard Oppty Name field?


Second problem:

Does anyone know how to create cross object formulas so that I can duplicate some of the data from the Contact to the Oppty?


Thank you!


Regarding cross-object formulas, once your Opportunity object has a lookup field pointing to Contact, you can create formula fields that pull down other information from the Contact record.  For example, if your lookup field is called "Contact", you could use these steps to pull down the contact's email address:


1. Create a custom formula field in the Opportunity object defined as Text

2. Click the Advanced Formula tab

3. Click the Insert Field button

4. Select "Opportunity" in the left pane

5. Select "Contact >" in the next pane

6. A third pane opens up containing the Contact fields.  Select "Email".


Once you've created this formula field, it should be available to you in your workflow email.  If the data in the Contact record is changed, the formula field will reflect those changes.