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custom field formula

Hi all,

I have a custom formula field on opportunities (opp_code) that gives a code for every new opportunity.

For example SFDU056 where 056 is a autonumber field.

Now when i create a clone , i want the opportunity code to be SFDU056C1.

Since there are no fields on the opportunity page which signify that this is a clone,based on what condition do i append C1 to my formula and how will i get the old oppcode value from the formula?(as autonumber would change to last +1)


I would like to know what system parameter changes on a clone page so that i can use it for an if condition.....i tried opportubity id but it doesnt signify if it is a clone.I donot want to use an additional field where users mention if it is new/clone

please help.


If there is a way of telling I'd love to know (without using Apex and some logic around searching for identical records based on every field being the same, except the owner).It would be very nice to automatically set Similar Opportunity associations whenever an Opp is cloned.


In the meantime, one option is to replace the Clone buttons with your own custom buttons, thereby allowing you to set your field programatically and reset any other fields (such as Stage and Close Date) that you don't want to Clone by default. You can adapt this to set a custom Clone checkbox field for you to reference in your formula.


See this Custom Clone Thread for a solution that uses S-Controls and a free Apex unmanaged package by me for doing this.